“Taking the time to make something from nothing is a political act in a world driven by overconsumption” -Orsola de Castro

It was a rather boring christmas day in 2016 when I decided to learn how to knit a new toe to a sock my grandmother has made me some 20 years before. I have never stopped knitting ever since. It is only recently that I began considering the possibilities and constraints of hand-knits as an artistic medium.

My handknitted clothes deal with time, authenticity and identity.

RE: stands for rescue and recover, respect so recycle, reclaim by reuse, reprocess the yarn, remake and remodel a garment in order to return to use.

How to convert a piece of industrial or handmade clothing into reusable yarns for a new piece of handmade clothing?

In these garments the original yarn is unharmed and taken care of with respect to the anonymous (hand)spinner of these yarns.

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