During my walks or bike tours I am constantly searching for wool and hair in the landscape; evidence of human or animal activities or the effects of passing time. 

The collected hair or wool is spun, mostly on the spot, into yarns with the help of a primitive handmade spindle. The yarns are knit, in chronological order, into a tube which reads as a timeline as well as a container for memories. (ongoing project, started in 2017)

natural dyeing

Next to the many known dye plants, minerals and crustaceans from which you can extract color my interest is mostly in extracting dyes from less known natural resources from my direct environment. As an aficionado of native plants and insects I can’t bear to evade flowers or plants from our ecosystem. For that reason my focus is on pruning waste, kitchen waste and ‘weeds’. The future is local. (ongoing project, started in 2015)

wool research

I am very involved with wool fiber and its limitless possibilities. I have a longing to source, collect, explore and sample all hairs I can lay my hands on. This is an attempt to collect as many different types of raw wool and process them by hand. (ongoing project, started in 2016)

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